Tuesday, February 14, 2012

No Switching Seats

No matter how long I sub, some things never change. This was originally posted on March 28, 2007, but it could have just as easily happened today.  

I'm not sure why I looked down at the seating chart in 6th period. I had already taken roll. I think I was making note of some name or other. But that's when I noticed it.

According to the seating chart, no one sat there. But there was a boy in the seat. So, I asked him if that was his seat. He lied and said it was. After a moment of confusion, I asked again and this time I got the truth.

"Go back to your seat," I told him.

He wanted to know who had snitched. He accused several students of ratting him out. But eventually he did make it back to his seat.

Silly boy, no one "snitched". I just pay attention.


  1. Nothing gets past you. Is this a subtle plug that you are the best editor ever? That you notice every detail? If so, I ask how much you charge... :O

  2. Seating chart woes! At least the teacher gave you a seating chart. It's better to be armed with one. I agree with Michael--nothing gets past you.


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