Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ringleader Redux

I kind of knew that my phone was going to ring this morning.  And when it did, I knew exactly what the sub caller was going to want me for--day two with the opportunity class.  Turned out that she needed me for a day three as well.  Sigh.  

I knew yesterday that the teacher was going to be out again.  There was an incident in class on Tuesday, and the teacher needs a couple days to recover (it's a big, ugly story for another post).  I had hoped that yesterday when the sub caller gave me a different assignment for Thursday that I would escape the opportunity class.  No such luck.  

Yesterday, the class worked so nicely until the 8th graders arrived.  Today, Enrique was back.  

Enrique had been in juvie.  He just got out, and now he's back at school.  And as before, he changed the timbre of the room.  Santiago, who had been pretty good yesterday, would not settle to do anything.  (And then I had to write him up, but that is also a story for another post.)  

First off, Enrique told me that I was supposed to remove his ankle bracelet.  As if I could do that.  As if I would want to do that if I could do that.  I'm not sure what reaction he was going for, but I don't think he got it  Then again, maybe he did, because until I sent him out on a "time out", he would not settle.  

I heard about his travels to Mississippi.  I heard that Susan was in juvie, too.  I heard various attempts at rap. And I was constantly going after him for his inappropriate language.  

And I get to deal with all of them (including Enrique if he shows up) again tomorrow.  

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