Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I hate stools.  I understand why teachers have them: they're tall, they fit nicely behind a work bench or podium, and they're compact.  But most of the time I would rather stand than sit on one.

I was thinking this when I went to sit down during first period.  I was going to jot down notes to the teacher about the class (I believe I said, "The class was so quiet it was eerie").  But as I sat down, I banged my left knee into a drawer pull so hard that I'm surprised that I don't have a bruise.

The class was working quietly, so I didn't scream or swear (though I wanted to).  And that's when the phone rang.

Some days the class phone never rings.  This morning, this was my third call.  (The first was from the teacher next door and the second was from the teacher I was subbing for.)  I hobbled over to the phone (of course it was on the other side of the room), each step reminding me of my mishap.

The call was from the secretary.  She needed me to cover an extra period.

After all this, I looked back at the class.  They were still working quietly.  I don't think they noticed.

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  1. Poor you. I can relate to not wanting to disturb a quiet class, even overcome with pain.

    That's funny, my phone rang several times at my sub job yesterday. Two times were for students who weren't in my class, and I had to wonder if this happens everyday.


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