Friday, May 7, 2010

Smart Basketball?

Today I got to assist the assistant principal administer an AP test (U.S. history).

The College Board is very specific about how the test must be run.  If there are more than a certain number of students, more than one proctor is needed.  They hit that threshold, so I was the second body.  

I am pretty familiar with testing, as I have helped to proctor the CAHSEE many, many, many times.  But AP tests are different.  

We got through the first part which was the multiple choice portion of the test.  Then the kiddos got a 10 minute break, but they were not allowed to leave during that time.  We were in the gym, so while I grabbed my snack and ate, many of the students slipped onto the basketball court.  

I was surprised to hear dribbling.  Suddenly, a pick-up game broke out.  

I asked the assistant principal about it, and he informed me that it was tradition.  During AP tests, they always play basketball.  

I thought it was an interesting way to blow off steam.  They had their ten minutes, and then it was time to get on to the essay portion of the test.  As they were returning to their seats, one boy remarked, "That was the smartest game of basketball ever played."  

I thought it a rather bold statement.  I'm sure someone somewhere could come up with a smarter group playing basketball.  But I didn't say anything.  I thought the boy should have his moment of hubris.  

He needed to feel smart.  He still had three essays to write.  

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  1. I think getting rid of nervous energy is an excellent idea. The 3rd and 4th-grade students I worked with yesterday were acting up for the intern. A game of Simon Says to break up all the sitting and listening may have done wonders.


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