Wednesday, May 19, 2010


It's election time at the high school.  The "vote for me" posters were all over the place.  Some of them were running for president.  And others were running for queen.

(Prom and ASB elections at the same time?  Yikes.)

One girl came in with a tray of brownies.  (They have no lockers at the school, so they have to carry everything with them all day.)  The rest of the students begged for one.  But no.  She was saving them for 8th graders.  She was planning to bribe them to vote for her.  (They'll be 9th graders next year and part of the high school, so they get to vote in this election.)

The brownies made it safely through the period.  I wonder if her ploy is going to work.

I thought I had seen it all.  Then one girl came in wearing a campaign T-shirt.  Her picture was on the front, and underneath was written what she was running for (president).  It looked like it had been professionally done.  Wow.

(Although, now that I think about it, there is an art class that does silk screen...)

Then in the next period, a boy was wearing a T-shirt from one of her opponents.  The face on the T-shirt wasn't his, so I guess he's a friend.  Apparently, they're going all out.  That's good.  It shows they want to win.  

Ah, the end of the year.  So much fun.

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  1. With everything going on, I bet schoolwork is the last thing on their minds!


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