Monday, July 13, 2009

Crazy Project Follow Up

A few days back (okay, so it was 11) I promised to post a picture of my beads once I had felted them. Remember? I hadn't forgotten. It just took some time.

First I had to felt the little beads. They are knit out of wool, so they need hot water, some soap, and a lot of agitation. I put them in the laundry with a load of towels (the beads were in a zippered pillowcase so as to not get fuzz all over everything).

I checked them after they had been in the wash for a few minutes. Then I checked them when they had been in there a few minutes more. It took a while. I had to restart the wash three times, and it probably took 45 minutes.

Then they had to dry. It took about two days (no, I can't throw them into the dryer).

And finally I had to take the picture, load it onto my computer (is that an upload or a download?), and upload it to a picture hosting site. This always takes more time than you think it will (and I had a busy week last week).

Anyway, here are the beads...

beads after felting

The project doesn't still sound crazy, does it?

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