Saturday, July 4, 2009

Freezing Fourth

I rarely get cold. Tonight I was freezing.

It has been a mild summer so far. It was a very mild spring. I fear that August is going to make up for the nice weather we're having now, but that doesn't keep me from enjoying the cooler temperatures now.

When I got ready to go out today, I put on a tank top. I thought about taking a jacket, but it's July. I didn't think I'd be cold. Usually I'm either comfortable or a little warm while watching my brother set off fireworks (they're legal in that city).

I regretted my thoughtlessness as I sat outside waiting for the festivities to start. It was only in the 60s, so I wasn't actually freezing, but I was colder than I should be in the summer. I eventually got a blanket which helped.

A few of the neighbors set off fireworks that were not legal (there's always someone...). When the cops arrived we were a bit surprised. We continued with our activities--our fireworks were legal. The cops ignored us, heading for another house.

Funnily enough, the neighbors who were doing stuff that was not legal suddenly were not doing anything illegal. But as soon as the cops left...

I warmed up very quickly after we finished with our fireworks. It was a warm day, so my house had retained a lot of heat. I have my window open now. But I'm still surprised that I actually needed long sleeves tonight. What a strange summer!

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