Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Affirmation Passwords

A couple days ago I linked to this article in Slate about password safety. And ever since it's been on my mind. What sort of statement should I use to revamp my online passwords?

Today it came to me. Positive affirmations!

It's a New Age-y concept (currently popularized by The Secret): your thoughts create your reality. So, the idea is to repeat statements that reflect the reality that you wish to have (putting it all in the present tense), thereby changing your thoughts to change your life.

You're supposed to put cards with these affirmations on them up. On your mirror so you see them when you get ready in the morning. In your car. Anyplace that you will repeatedly encounter them throughout the day. And as you see them you repeat them, and slowly they become second nature to you.

What a way to use a password.

So, you take an affirmation that you want to repeat (such as "Every day in every way I am getting better and better"). Break it down as in the article so that it's something like EdewIagb&b. Add a number or another symbol in there somewhere to personalize the month (so you can change the password up periodically) and the website. And voila.

Not only is it a password, it's also an affirmation that you'll repeat to yourself whenever you log on to a particular website. You don't have to try to remember to repeat the affirmation to yourself. It'll automatically happen as often as you access your websites.

Now the question is: what affirmation to use?

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  1. Happy Birthday.

    Figured this would be a better way to send birthday greetings than in an email.


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