Saturday, July 11, 2009

An Orange County Week

Although I no longer live in Orange County, I'm still Orange County adjacent. And summer is when some of the fun stuff happens.

Monday I made my annual pilgrimage to the Sawdust Festival. Well, it's not actually annual as I miss some years (can't recall if I made it down there last year), but I try not to miss two years in a row. I love all the jewelry. There used to be more bags, but this year there was more pottery and jewelry and art than textiles.

Then Friday I went to the opening of the Orange County Fair. Because you could get in free for the first hour, we got there just after noon. Of course the place was packed. It wasn't as hot as in previous years, but I still managed to drink about two liters of water.

And I managed not to get (very) sunburned. I have fair skin, so I have to be aware of the sun. While Sawdust has a lot of shade, the fairgrounds do not. I got a little pink at Sawdust. I made sure to have sunscreen for the fair, and as of now, only my forehead is red. Success.

If you're local, you should check out both events. I recommend them highly.

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