Thursday, March 26, 2009

Telemarketer Rant

I have been receiving an insane number of telemarketer calls today.  (I did not work today.  I've been fighting a bug since Sunday, and I felt that I'd best rest today so that I don't get full-blown sick.)

I haven't been picking up, so it is supposition that they were telemarketers.  But the caller ID gives me phone numbers that I do not recognize.  I only pick up calls from people I know.  And every time I experimentally pick up for a number I do not recognize, there is a long pause...and I hang up because I do not want to talk to a telemarketer.

It is a waste of time to call me.  Whatever they are selling I am not buying, and no amount of hard sell is going to make me change my mind.  

Because of caller ID, I see that many of these phone numbers are repeats.  After a week of me not picking up, you'd think they'd get the hint--I'M NOT GOING TO ANSWER.  But no.  The computer keeps calling.

So, I got at least a dozen calls today.  Only three were calls that were actually for me.  I began to wonder.  Did my do-not-call registration run out?

It turns out that you can check that sort of thing.  I did.  My registration is still active.  So, what gives?

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