Thursday, March 12, 2009


I have been cold for two days.

Remember back in January when we were having that nice warm spell?  When the temperatures were into the 80's?  That lasted about two weeks, and then the weather got cool again.  Well, about two days after the weather got cool again, the heat went out at one of my schools.  They said that it would be fixed in a couple weeks.

It is now March.  Certain classrooms still don't have any heat.  

For the most part, the lack of heat hasn't been a problem.  Most of the teachers affected now have space heaters that take off the chill in the room.  But the teacher that I've been covering for the last two days does not have a space heater, and there is no heat.  Of course, these have been the two coldest days of the past couple weeks.  And that room has been cold.

How cold?  Well, I'd say that we haven't seen temperatures above 65 degrees in the room.  It's probably been colder.

I usually run pretty warm.  I can be pretty comfortable at 65 degrees.  67 degrees would be better, but at about 72 degrees I need to be in short sleeves, and I'll probably be sweating if I'm doing any sort of physical activity.  So, the cooler rooms haven't been that much of an issue.  

Yesterday I wore long sleeves.  Today I did the same.  I was fine when I had classes, for I was moving about and doing stuff.  But during my prep period I was seated, and I was freezing.  It was an unusual feeling.  

Although, on the bright side, I had no complaints about the classroom temperature.  

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