Friday, March 6, 2009


...was one of the words on the 10th grade spelling test.  I gave them a few minutes to cram right before the test.  I never understood why anyone would bother--you're either ready or you're not.  But I needed time to take roll and input it into the computer, so they might as well use the time to "study".  

"Does anointment have two N's?"

Thus began a discussion on the correct spelling of anointment.  One boy scratched out that second N, only to check the dictionary and find that it was spelled right the first time.  They had had enough time, so I forced the start of the test.

If I ask a class if they're ready for the beginning of the spelling test, they aren't.  But at a certain point, it is time to start the thing.  If they're not getting ready, I just kind of have to begin and hope the stragglers catch up.  

Anointment was the third word.  I read it out.

"Anointment has three N's."

Another student helpfully announced this while they were taking the test.  

They had been good up until then.  They were good after this.  I figured that if they didn't already know where the N's go, then that announcement wouldn't help.  I continued on with the test.

The boy who made the announcement is the son of a teacher at that school.  I wonder if I should go and have a talk with his parent.  Then again, I did leave a description of the incident in the note.  That should be enough.

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