Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Distracto Boy

CAHSEE, day two.

The first time I noticed him was sometime during part one.  The boy was examining a rubber band that he was wearing on his wrist.  He looked off into the distance.  He was not working on his test.  I advised him to skip the question he was working on and go back to it later.  

The next time the boy caught my attention was when half the testers had checked out.  The boy was staring into space again.  Another proctor commented that he wasn't doing much on his test.  It started to look to me like he had ADD.  

By the time we had about 10 students in the room, I noticed that the boy was nearly done with his test.  When there were only 5 students left, the boy was on the questionnaire.  I tried yesterday's trick.  The boy claimed that someone else needed my attention.  I didn't budge.

The boy took his time answering the questionnaire.  When he finished, he needed time to "check his work".  Um, sure.

The other students still testing were actually working.  They were struggling.  So, we let the boy be.  We were going to hover over him, but not until that became necessary.  Unfortunately, it didn't, for the boy decided to be done just before the last student finished.

I would be more annoyed, but I needed something to write about today.

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