Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I had a choice of two assignments--either 7th grade science or ELD (English Language Development).  Both are good teachers, so I decided to go with science since I had an English class yesterday.

When I got to school, I learned that another sub had been put into the science class.  This sub had been scheduled for a teacher who was due to be out tomorrow, not today (gee, that happened to me just last week).  So, I was an extra sub.  Oh joy.

Luckily, the office had projects that needed an extra set of hands.  But first I was sent to an English class.  The sub who was there just got word of a family tragedy, and she wanted to go home.  They had another sub coming in to cover, but she hadn't gotten to school yet.  So, off I went.  

The first sub passed off the stuff (keys, computer password) to me, and she left.  Then the class' actual teacher walked in.  She was getting the lesson plans set up.  The bell rang, so the teacher started her class.  While she was busy with the students, the sub who was going to cover the class for the day walked in.  I passed off the stuff to her, and I left.  (I wonder how the teacher reacted when she turned around to find a different sub.  I didn't say goodbye.  I wasn't going to interrupt her for that.)

Back in the office, I waited for my new instructions.  Then the phone rang.  There was another assignment at the elementary school.  I don't do elementary.  So, a sub already in a class was called to go there, and I went to replace her.  

Where did I end up?  In the ELD class.  If only I had picked the other one...

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