Thursday, March 19, 2009

Out of Coke

They were working on acrostic poems (special ed English class).

One girl was using the word "nervous".  She needed help for the "O".  I suggested she think of a good preposition to begin the line.  They were to use more than two words for each letter, so a prepositional phrase is a good place to start.

She came up with "out".  So, I asked, "What is something that if you were out of it, it would make you nervous?  If you were out of it at school?  At home?  In the kitchen?"

Her reply: "Coca-cola."

I figured that that was good enough.  She wrote it.

Later, she showed her finished "nervous" acrostic poem to the instructional aide.  He read through it and laughed out loud at "out of Coke".  

I guess that was a better suggestion than I thought.

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