Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Freshman honors English. I thought they'd be an easy class. Not so much.

They had an assignment that went along with Romeo & Juliet (which they are currently reading). It was the type of assignment that they should have been working on silently. But every little thing started the conversation up anew. At one point they started telling this one boy all the things he had said the previous day.

I wasn't paying that much attention to the conversation at this point. I was trying to shush them. They were describing how this boy wasn't focusing on the play and the various non sequiturs he had been throwing out. Someone told me that the boy had had a root canal the previous day, so he was a bit loopy and a lot out of it. Then the conversation got interesting.

"You asked Tiffany out. You went up to her, sang, got down on your knees, and asked her out. She said yes."

The boy was horrified. He did not like this girl at all. He could not believe any of this, but the rest of the class insisted that it had happened. They added information, and the boy detailed how much he did not like this girl.

Then, with about five minutes left, the others let the boy off the hook. He had not asked this girl out. He had said all the crazy things that the class said first, but the rest of it they made up. The boy was relieved and a little irritated. Some of the others lied to him more convincingly than he thought they could.

I was only covering this class for two periods. When the teacher came back, I made sure to tell her of this incident. I couldn't let her miss out on that!

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