Monday, June 9, 2008

In the Learning Center

It's that time of year--when the subbing assignments dry up. I was worried that I might not work much, but I called my sub caller, and I have assignments for every day up to and including the last day of school. So, now I just need to get through them.

I was in what is called the learning center today. This is a room for special ed. students. This is where they go for extra help with their classwork. The trick is to not do the assignments for them (and they try to get us to do their work for them).

One boy spent two periods avoiding reading The Good Earth. He had a book report due on it today. He hadn't started reading it.

There was one girl sitting with an English test. She spent the period talking to her friend and basically ignoring the test (even though I frequently told her to get back to it). She got nothing done on it.

One boy had a five page paper on 1945 due today. He had not started it. He could pick anything that happened in that year. I tried to help him find a topic. He wasn't having any of it.

Though, some of them did get some work done. One boy had a math test, and he was working diligently through one period and even through lunch. I got another boy started on a book report, and he actually finished it. Another boy got through his economics terms while a girl finished a bunch of study guide questions for what looked like world history. So, the day wasn't a total loss.

I wasn't alone in the room; there were plenty of other adults around. I like covering the learning center. It's a bit tiring, but it has its good moments, too.

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