Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bait and Switch

I wasn't looking forward to the 7th grade core classes today, but I wasn't overly anxious about them. But then I got to school today and discovered that there was a mix up. It was a very Mercury retrograde kind of mistake, and by that time I was stuck.

I have a short list of teachers I refuse to sub for. This teacher? He's at the top. And his classes are just as awful as I remember (and these aren't even the same students).

I tried every trick I know. I had one period calm for about ten minutes. Those were the most peaceful ten minutes of the day.

I confiscated one cell phone when it rang in class. I wrote three referrals. One girl (who got the first ticket to the office) refused to leave the classroom (and then came up with three excuses to stall). Then I had a boy decide that it was time to clean the classroom (15 minutes after the period began). You wouldn't think that a room could get that clean with that much noise and that many students going crazy.

The only bright point? His prep period is the last period of the day, so I got to go home early.

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