Saturday, June 28, 2008


Today was my clean-out-the-closet day. Last week I went through my yarn stash and organized it. I'm on a de-cluttering binge, and I'm only getting started.

The thing about clutter is that it blocks all the incoming energy, and it gets you stuck. I cleared out all of the clothes that I no longer wear. Some pieces no longer fit; others no longer feel right. Some of my old clothes are no longer in style. And they all were clogging up my closet with their stagnant energy, making it impossible to bring in any new clothes.

What I really want is some new clothes. But my closet was so packed that I couldn't see what I actually had in there. Now I can. Now I have freed up some room. And now I have room for new clothes to go in.

Clutter can be insidious. It slowly grows. That stack of mail order catalogs starts to grow until there's a tower of them. Then every surface in the house is covered. And then there is no room for anything new.

So, since I want some new things, it's time to clear out the old. The more I get rid of, the more room there is for new and wonderful things to come in.

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