Friday, May 6, 2022

Dance Party

It was about an hour before the end of the day. Vera (instructional assistant) suggested we put on some music. I opened up the floor for requests. 

I'm not a fan of choosing music. I know what I like, but for the most part, I find no one else really enjoys my choices. And I'm generally quite content to sit in a silent room. So, when in a group, I let others pick what we're listening to. 

We started with a couple recent top 40 hits. We got Jayden up, although he was only reluctantly dancing. Vera danced with her student, and a couple students from other classes joined us. We even pulled Penelope into the fun, which is a bit different as she's wheelchair bound. (Jennifer and Jonas weren't interested, and ignored us.)

And, of course, we got Yohana in on the action.

I don't think I've mentioned Yohana before. She's pretty quiet. She follows where we lead. She goes where we tell her. And she's so quiet we sometimes forget she's there.

But, when left to her own devices, she'll dance. There doesn't have to be music. As she ambles around when we're on breaks, she'll dance to her own internal music. 

Various aides know what she likes, though, so we put on some music for her. And for the rest of them, actually. Songs that everyone seemed to like. 

New-to-me music, but old favorites for many of them.


  1. Hurrah for dancing! I’m like you. I let others choose, otherwise Santana, Creedance Clearwater, and some Aretha Franklin is what we would dance to.

  2. Not something I do these days except in the privacy of my home....haha. Dancing is good exercise.

  3. Ugh, dancing. I would definitely be among the ones pretending I wasn't there.

  4. Interesting choices! But not top-pop-crap - rather cool.

  5. Fun choices, I've never heard them before, I guess these are musics for young people ;))

  6. Everyone needs social time.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  7. This vibe reminds me of Los Lobos. :D I'm thankful for folks like you aiding these students. Be well! And thanks for tips on my blogging issue. You're a gem.

  8. I haven't heard these songs before so thank you for sharing! I find a dance party is always a good idea - my boys love when I put on a Disney playlist and we just dance and sing around for a bit! It's always good to get silly!

    Hope that you had a good weekend :)

    Away From The Blue

    1. Yeah, I figured most of my blog readers would be as unfamiliar with the tunes as I was.

  9. I've never heard these before but they do sound great for dancing.

    Happy Monday, Liz!

  10. Sounds like you all had fun!

  11. Music is good for the soul. I don't understand how someone could not like some form.


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