Monday, January 3, 2022

Something to Work On

Halloween. I texted niece and eldest nephew the question of what they wanted for Christmas. 

Eldest nephew (who is now 16) texted back a day later. He would very much appreciate a penguin. So, I crocheted him a penguin. 

Niece responded eleven days later with: "hey! i totally meant to respond earlier. i'm sorry. i'll let ya know :) thank you"

I had not heard from her when I was ready to mail out the gifts. I got her a gift card and included it in the package. The package arrived a couple days later.

Then, about two weeks later (December 19th), I got a text from niece. She'd very much like a scarf. 


Niece is 20. My reply of "gift already sent" was accepted, and I don't think she minded the gift card. 

But, as you know, I've been a bit stalled in the having-something-to-knit department. On a lark, I looked up the scarf pattern she found. It's totally within my wheelhouse. She asked for a color which I have in my stash. 

I mean, it's not like I have anything else to work on right now.

So, I dug out the yarn, cast on, and got started. I had to rip back two pattern repeats as I had printed out the pattern in black & white, so I missed exactly where the stitch repeat was. (I jumped right in without doing too much in the preliminary department)

It's just the sort of thing my brain can handle right now. I can still think and plan and design, but when it's TV time in the evening, I now have something to keep my hands busy.

And that's why I knit. I need to keep my hands busy while I watch TV.

And the scarf thus far: 


  1. Love the penguin. The scarf is lovely too.

    Happy 2022, Liz!

  2. Hi Liz - yes the penguin is 'a sweetie' ... but I love the colour of the scarf - great 2022 projects are on their way - Happy New Year - cheers Hilary

  3. Niece is lucky you're her aunt! She's going to end up with a nice scarf after all! XD

  4. One of my Aunt crochet a lot of animals.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  5. Glad you have a project to keep your hands busy.

  6. That's young adults for you.
    Nice that you have something to keep your hands busy.

  7. I love that he wanted a penguin and I love Topper:) I am not surprised at the delay...typical. I love the scarf colour which is a nice loden green.

    1. Yeah, it was not what I was expecting him to ask for.

  8. The penguin is so cute!

    So, are you going to give your niece the scarf now or wait until Christmas?

    1. I don't know. First it'll depend on when I finish it. At the rate I'm going, it might not be done until next Christmas.

    2. Well, it would only be fair to make her wait. :)

    3. I'd like to get it done this winter, but who knows?


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