Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Dance

The students were sent to 2nd period even though they'd be leaving on their field trip as soon as the bus arrived. They were going to a local community college.

Thomas had his earbuds in and was singing along with the rap song. Since he'd be leaving, I wasn't concerned at his not beginning the assignment and listening to music. I was, however, concerned at his singing along. In a mostly silent classroom. Lyrics that had a healthy sprinkling of profanity.

He was totally oblivious to my telling him to stop. But my standing over him... Yeah, he didn't like that.

(I should also note that he didn't see the problem. The only way I could reason with him was to threaten to stand over him.)

He agreed to stop singing. That's when he started with the dance moves. In his seat. To the amusement of the other students (who were remaining in class).

"What? I'm not singing."

Because the dancing was better?

Luckily, he was only in class about two more minutes before the announcement releasing the field trip students from class. *Deep sigh*


  1. Hope he behaved at the field trip.


  2. Every time you post one of these I just shake my head. I wonder if kids all over act the these do. I would have plenty to say to my grandkids for their behavior!! When they get home from school today I'm going to start a conversation about how things go in their classes.

    1. I am cherry picking the best stories (read: the worst behavior). For example, I will not be writing anything about my subbing experience yesterday. Small special ed classes. The kiddos knew they had a test...and asked for it. Then, they worked diligently all period. Great group. Boring blog post.

  3. Some kids (and adults) just have to act out. They just love being the center of attention and of course driving the sub crazy.

  4. Those rap lyrics are really nasty. I guess in this case, dancing was better than singing.

    1. Much, but it would have been better if he'd done neither.

  5. Smack him. :) Kidding. Gosh, the kids of today.


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