Thursday, August 6, 2015


It's not only this summer that I've had my idiot moments. For today's #ThrowbackThursday, I found another time I did something so brilliantly stupid I blogged about it. This post originally appeared October 6, 2010.

Today was day two of the CAHSEE, the math day.

It was session 1. The students were working, the room was silent, and I was feeling yesterday in my legs. I needed to sit down.

I took an unused chair and moved it to the back corner of the gym. I had a good view of all the students.

Then, a girl raised her hand. I jumped up...only to get my pencil caddy caught on the chair, tipping it over and dumping all the pencils on the gym's hardwood floor. Did I mention it was silent in the gym? I made a bit of noise.

I hadn't taken two steps when one of the other proctors got to the girl and answered her question (she needed to use the restroom). I bent down to pick up the dozen or so pencils that were all over the floor.

Surprisingly, only one pencil broke. Yesterday, I dropped two pencils (just clumsy) and both got their points broken off.

After that, I figured that I should probably remain standing. Although, I probably could have just put the pencil caddy away. I gave out very few pencils today.


  1. LOL; it was not funny at the time, but re-relating it sure brought a chuckle.


  2. yeah, love those embarrassing moments... just gotta smile or laugh at yourself along with them =) good one!

  3. Oh I hate that when you do something for all to see and hear. I can relate and now it is funny but back then...not so much I think:)

  4. Eeek! I can almost hear the clatter!!

  5. There's nothing worse than dead silence to reveal your faux pas in all it's glory! Oh well, no harm done :)

    1. This wasn't as bad as the time I had a coughing fit during a quiz.

  6. Sounds like the pencils have it out for you. LOL

  7. It's good to laugh about these things!

  8. Sounds like something that would happen to me!


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