Wednesday, July 1, 2015

School Year End Review

A few years ago I started posting my end of year numbers. I got the idea from another subbing blogger who posted his, and I've been doing it ever since. (Previous years: 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010)

Of the 180 school days, I worked 145. This is up from last year's 131. In fact, it's my highest number of days worked. This number does not include the 7 days I worked for the continuation high school in July and August, nor does it include the Friday Surprise.

Of those 145 days, 14 of them I covered teachers who did not have a conference period, and 51 of them I covered an extra class on the teacher's prep period. Yet, for some reason it felt like I never got a prep period. (Clearly that was not the case.)

I did not work the first day of school, but I did work the last. I actually worked three days of the last week of school, which I would say is unusual, except that's similar to what I worked last year.

I spent 23 days at the continuation high school, 72 days covering high school classes, and 45 days covering middle school classes.

Some highlights:

  • English: 41 days
    • This year's grade winner is 11th grade as I spent 12 days covering those (as well as 4 individual periods).
    • 2nd place goes to 10th grade English with 10 days (and 2 individual periods).
  • Science: 20 days
    • No chemistry or physics days (sigh), but 9 days in biology and 6 days covering 8th grade science.
  • Social Studies: 36 days
  • Math: 26 days
    • This year's winner is algebra 1 with 11 days and 2 individual periods. 
    • I did not cover a full day of geometry, but I did cover 6 individual periods. Only one day of calculus, but 3 days of algebra 2.
  • Special Ed: 23 days plus 13 extra periods
  • Misc: 21 days
    • 4 days of "roving" (including testing days and days where I covered several different teachers)
    • 1 day of ASB
    • 5 days in art
    • 1 day in choir (which was a miserable day as I was coming down with an evil cold)
    • 2 days of Spanish & 1 day of French
    • 6 days in computer classes
    • 1 period of P.E.
    • 4 individual periods in shop classes (including 2 in auto shop--I did not know they still had auto shop)
So, a busy year. That's a good thing.


  1. It's funny how you only spent one day in P.E. and many more in Algebra. I bet the gym teacher likes his job:)

    1. I avoid P.E. I only had that one period because I was roving that day, and the teacher was out for that one period. There are some subs that do P.E. all the time. Good for them. (Means I don't have to do it.)

  2. With all the cars in the world, someone has to learn how to fix them.
    You really covered a variety of subjects.

  3. Congrats on the increase in days. It in interesting how many extra you did for one class as opposed to another. If it is the same teacher, is that teacher sick a lot?? Personally I would hate science:)

  4. I bet it's interesting subbing for so many different kinds of classes.

  5. That is an impressive line-up. Have you ever substituted for a class where you wish you could stay permanently?

    VR Barkowski

  6. That was a good busy year! I love how you keep the stats; good thing to look back on and compare from year to year.


    1. It is. I only do it because there's this other subbing blogger who did it, and I thought "why not?".

  7. Auto shop, huh? I guess some places still have it. I'm surprised there wasn't a good story coming from that.

  8. Good Gravy, when do you have time to breathe let alone blog. amazing.

  9. My husband is a teacher and good subs are gold. So glad you're getting a much deserved break. :)

  10. You are one brave lady!! In my subbing days, I learned that teachers quickly learned the subs they could trust and respect. Clearly, that is how they feel about you!

  11. Very interesting. I enjoyed this. Who needs a full-time job when you can be a sub, huh! I have always wondered why there are only 180 days of school. Doesn't seem like quite enough to me!

    1. I just saw an article on why schools get summers off:

      It's worth reading.

  12. I may have to work doing relief teaching next year if we move and I have to leave my job where I've been for ten years. You're clearly very good at what you do or you wouldn't be so requested :)

    1. Thanks. I'm sure you won't be doing relief teaching for long if you end up starting there.

  13. That's wonderful, and nice of you to share that.

  14. That sounds like a lot of work. I think I'd rather want to work the last day of school versus the first day.

    1. The first day is weird. I try to avoid it if I can.

  15. It must be interesting to have such variety in your job!

  16. That's a lot of days for a substitute teacher, but at least you weren't stuck in one thing all year.


    1. Yep, that's one of the perks of subbing.

  17. I find it so weird that in the US teachers seem to teach one class, and then teach it all day? I am correct in that? You talk about teaching Year 9 Bio all day, is that really happens?

    I teach Creative Arts (I am a drama specialist) in Australia, i am back on class from Winter Break tomorrow, if you subbed for me a standard day would be something like
    Period 0 - Year 12 Drama
    Roll Call
    Period 1 - Year 8 Music
    Period 2 - Year 7 Visual Arts
    Period 3 - Year 9 Dance
    Period 4 - I would have a free period but you would be sent off to teach maths or english or lote or something
    Lunch - 20 minutes of Playground Duty
    Period 5 - Year 11 Drama
    Period 6 - Year 10 Music

    1. It depends. Some teach the same thing all day. Some teach something different every period. Most have two or three "preps"--two or three different classes.

      For example: the French teacher teaches all levels of French, so each period will be different for her. The calculus teacher only has two periods of calculus and then spends the rest of the day teaching different levels of math. But the chemistry teacher only teaches chemistry (although a couple of those periods might be a more accelerated class).

      Does that make sense?

      Oh, and make sure to include a link to your blog in your comments since Blogger won't let you in the sign in. Thanks.


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