Thursday, October 10, 2013

Space-Industrial Complex

As I was making breakfast, I had the Science Channel on in the background. It was a show on the moon landings and the Cold War. And, of course, my mind went sideways.

What if instead of building up the military, the government instead put that money towards space exploration? How different would our world be?


  1. That's why we need world wide peace, so we can all focus our resources on creating rather than destroying. I imagine we might have outposts by now, maybe a small mars colony...hmm, there's a story idea...

  2. There would probably be a lot more advances in energy and power, as well as long distance travel. And because of all the medical issues from being in space, there would be advances there, too.

    Sigh. It would be so awesome.

  3. Someone at work has a bumper sticker that always makes me chuckle. It reads that the government should run bake sales to pay for war and put all the military $ into schools. Imagine...


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