Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Coded History

I had the Science Channel on in the background. Again. (The Science Channel is my background noise when I'm busy doing other things.) The show on was about the planets, but at that moment they were discussing Venus.

The topic had to do with the age of Venus' surface and how scientists had postulated that at one time Venus must have had a massive volcanic event where the entire surface was flooded with lava.

Flood. Of lava?

Of course, my thoughts went sideways. Eventually, that led to today's question...

What if The Bible is a coded history of our (the human race's) existence elsewhere before settling on Earth?

Don't ask how flood of lava got to The Bible. Really. Don't ask. (I wouldn't know what to tell you, because I'm still scratching my head.)


  1. I think any theory is just as reasonable as another. My brother jokingly says that it is possible that we (earth humans) may have originated in another galaxy and were “brought” here. Actually he says we were dropped here. I say, “why not?”

  2. I think it's possible - and maybe the lava flood over time and translation became a water flood.

  3. I always thought of the Bible as a coded history of events on Earth, but your idea is way cooler. A history of a past that has no other trace on the planet. The possibilities are endless.


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