Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Goofing Off in Period 3

Me: "Okay, Daniel, settle down. You could get some work done this period. Unlike period 3. You don't want to make the note this period, too."

Daniel: "What did I do in period 3?"

The majority of the class in period 3 was on task and fine. However, four boys decided it was play time, and I spent all of my energy "chasing" after them.

Me: "First, there was that paper airplane..."

Daniel: "That wasn't me. That was some guy over in that row," and he pointed over one row and ahead of where he was seated.

About half the class had been in period 3 with him, and they agreed that the paper airplane hadn't originated with Daniel. (Period 3 was government. This class was economics. The seniors need both classes to graduate, so that's why I had so many duplicate students.)

Daniel continued: "I wasn't even in the room."

He had been out of the room for a time. But the class had been fine until he returned from the office. When he got back, the crazy started. That's what made me think he was the instigator. I still think that.

"Then, the three of you..."

He didn't deny any of the other charges. He knew he had been that student--the one who was goofing off all period. And he didn't ask for me to remove his name from "the list". Which I wouldn't have done anyway.

He didn't get any work done that period, but he didn't play around, either. I guess it helped that two of his buddies weren't there, so he had no one to play off of.


  1. Daniel will probably go on to represent all of us in Congress. God help us all.

  2. Busted! And LOL. I'm laughing at Michael's comment--because it's probably true! ;)

  3. The nitpick! My favorite defense of all: "Hey, this whole list of things you say I did? I didn't do one of them, so...."

    Also: I believe that by law nobody is allowed to COMMENT on the federal government right now. That furlough is SERIOUS. I bet the NSA is coming to take Michael away even as we speak. I mean, it's obvious that the NSA's internet monitoring program is 'essential,' right?

    1. Daniel would only run for Congress if it didn't involve him actually doing anything, so no one is going to get into any trouble for any comment on this blog.

      The NSA analyst checking out my blog is probably very bored of the assignment. I'm sure we have nothing to worry about.

  4. "What did I do in period 3?" I guess the answer is "Certainly not your work."

  5. Liz, all I can say is you have the patience of Job. Is that part of the training for substitutes?

    VR Barkowski


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