Thursday, October 31, 2013

My Halloween "Costume"

What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Are you dressing up?

The last time I voluntarily dressed up was in the 8th grade. I was an alien. I took a trash bag, turned it upside down, cut out arm holes and a head hole. Underneath I wore a leotard and tights. With makeup, I think I pulled off the look I was going for.

It was incredibly hot, though. Black trash bags don't breathe, and Southern California Halloweens can end up being warm days. But that's not why I stopped dressing up.

All the other kids laughed at me.

Now I know they were just jealous of my creativity. (At least, that's the story I tell myself. I'm going to keep telling myself that story.) But I've never since gone to the trouble of creating a costume again. (Except for the one year it was required, but as that was under duress, I don't count it.)

I still love Halloween, though. And every year, I "dress up". In a science fiction/fantasy sort of way.

Last year I was an alien anthropologist sent to Earth to study humans. Since I had to blend in, I of course looked like everyone else. This year I'm a time traveller from the future who's come back in time just for a visit. (Castle came up with the perfect moniker for this: temporal anthropologist. I'm stealing it.)

And this brings me to my question for this Thursday (you didn't think I forgot it was Thursday, did you?). Not so much a "what if" as a question to ponder.

If you weren't going to dress up for Halloween but wanted to say you were dressed up, what would you say you were dressed as? 

(Okay, I'm just asking to get ideas for what to call my non-costume next year. I'm sure there are plenty.)


  1. Crazy cat lady. I already have the cats, so it's pretty easy.

  2. Personally I like going as myself right out of bed, jammies, bathrobe, and bunny slippers. it's the easiest most comfortable costume I ever wore.

  3. Used to dress as a clown when my daughter was young and I went treat or treating with her. One year a co worker and I dressed as our boss for fun...he didn't so much enjoy it. I'm not much into Halloween, though some in our neighborhood decorated, we get less then a handfull of kids coming to the door.

    Sharing the excitment of a quest blogger today

    1. That's more kids than we get. We're on a hill, so no one attempts the climb just for trick or treating.


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