Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Monday was a bad day. A really bad day.

I covered an 8th grade pre-algebra class. The lesson plan had me going over fill-in-the-blank notes with the classes. I couldn't get them to stop talking long enough to complete those notes.

I tried everything. I called out the talking students. Moved a couple around. Kicked a couple out of class. Took away time from their break. Nothing worked.

I was scheduled to return on Tuesday. I tried not to think too much about it overnight.

I got back to the school Tuesday morning. The secretary told me, "You've been reassigned."


There was a bit of a sub crunch, so I was sent to the other middle school.

Subject: 8th grade pre-algebra. The classes: Oh, so much better!

They weren't silent. But they let me get through the stuff I had to tell them. And I think the fact that I didn't have a lecture/notes to give them helped. Of course, the fact that they let me do anything at all tells you how much more cooperative they were than that other class.

Same grade. Same subject. But the classes were so completely different. Tuesday was a good day.

(I ran into the sub who ended up in the other class on Tuesday. He had the same experience with them that I did. So, it wasn't just me.)


  1. I teach high school (English) to pay the bills, and I am known as the go-to teacher for classroom control. For what it's worth, I find that kids don't respond to battle axe, sometimes it's a constant negotiation. Or stoicism works really well also. The more you react to their antics, the more fueled the kiddos get. I only allow myself to lose my temper over issues of racism and bullying.

    1. True, temper never works. I'm actually pretty good with most classes control-wise, so long as they cooperate. This group wouldn't cooperate.

  2. The kids were probably goading each other on. Good thing you lucked out on Tuesday.


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