Friday, August 16, 2013

Shoot! No Score

The continuation high school on a Friday is an interesting thing. There are fewer students, but those that remain tend to mentally take the day off.

At snack, some of the students like to shoot baskets. The teacher I was covering kept the basketballs, so when a couple students asked if they could take the basketballs out, I let them. I noticed how empty the campus looked, but then I remembered that it was a Friday, and I wasn't too concerned.

The bell rang, and it was time to start third period. I did my usual introduction, took roll, and made sure the students knew what they were supposed to do (basically, it was catch up day so that they could finish any work they hadn't finished all week).

I took my seat and watched them. Then I heard it. The sound of a basketball being dribbled.

Oh shoot! I forgot to get those basketballs back!

The student, presumably on his way to the bathroom, put the basketball down and continued back to his class. Then the custodian walked by, saw the basketball, and returned it to the classroom.

I thanked him profusely. I should have remembered to get the ball back.

But, two had gone out, and I only had one back.

Sure enough, another dribble sound from outside attracted my attention closer to the end of the period.

I sent a student out to retrieve the other ball. (Getting students to go out and do errands for me--like running the roll sheet up to the office--is ridiculously easy.)

Whew! Now I don't have to admit to the teacher that I lost his basketballs.

I guess the students aren't the only ones who mentally take the day off.


  1. It is easy to get students to run errands for you. They love those two minutes out of the classroom.

  2. I guess you can't trust students to get the balls back on their own. Lesson learned :)

  3. LOL. Wait, aren't you supposed to be the responsible one? ;)

  4. I think we're all prone to Friday Syndrome. There's a reason the first thing that comes to mind every Friday morning is TGIF. :)

    ~VR Barkowski

  5. Ha, I'm glad you got the basketballs back!


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