Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Lazy Roll

The continuation high school is back in session. And not all the classes are crazy small

Last week, I covered the US History class. First period had 24 students enrolled. Something like 17 showed up.  

This isn't entirely a ditch thing. The continuation high school's year overlaps with the end of summer school, so many of the students who haven't been coming to class have been attending that. They can't be in two places at once.  

Still, it was kind of a shock to get four students in a class where 14 were enrolled. 

I looked at the group. I looked at the roll sheet. 

I hate calling out roll. With no seating chart, calling roll is the most efficient way to get the roll taken. Except in this case. 

So, instead, with clipboard and roster in hand, I walked up to each student.  

"What's your name?"  

Because I really hate stumbling over names. And most of them weren't there to correct me, anyway.  


  1. Never heard of continuation high school, what is it, and why would they expect students to be there who clearly can't be because their in school somewhere else? Interesting. 4 out of 14...wow, intimate class.
    One Room School House

    1. A continuation high school is the school where students in danger of not graduating are sent. The idea is that they should be able to make up their missing credits.

      The CHS starts at the end of July. They have an intersession where students can make up credits, but that only lasts a week. The traditional high schools in the district run a normal summer school where the students can make up 5-10 credits. But that summer school overlaps with the start of the CHS's school year.

      They don't expect the students attending a traditional high school summer school to be at school those days. But they have to put them on the roll sheet so that they're enrolled in classes when they are able to return.

  2. I wonder where the others were. I hope they were at summer school and not fooling around somewhere else.

  3. My aunt, who taught for 30+ years begged all of us to spell our children's names in easy, predictable ways--for the sake of their teachers. My solution: home school. ;)


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