Thursday, August 22, 2013

Enforced Empathy?

Of course, now I can't remember where I saw this. I don't think I was actually watching TV. I must have been in the kitchen, cooking, while the Science Channel was on in the background.

The topic was the brain, I think, and mention of oxytocin came up. Something about the possibility that it was an empathy chemical. And while I didn't take away much more than that, it got me thinking (and luckily, I remembered to write this down so that I'd remember to post it).

What if there was a chemical/drug that could make someone more empathetic? How would that be used? How could that be used? Could it be used like a weapon, taking away certain "killer" instincts?


  1. I hope so. One of the things I usually read about a killer is that they lack empathy. I think something like that would do a lot to end violence.


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