Friday, June 21, 2013


The lesson plan stated:
Zachary and Jamal are not allowed to go to the bathroom... I have told them this past week they cannot go to the bathroom any more during my class... Don't let students go take care of things for other classes.
Students have been finding excuses to avoid class (probably especially when there's a sub). Keep them in class. Especially Zachary and Jamal. 
I've been warned.

So, when Zachary asked to turn in a found cell phone to the office, I said no. It was a reasonable request. One I might have granted under other circumstances. But (1)Zachary (2)leaving class wasn't going to happen.

I offered to do it myself later. Zachary took the phone back, saying that he wanted to be the one to be a good citizen. Uh huh. Sure.

Some time later (maybe a half hour) a student from the previous period arrived. "I lost something. I hope I left it here."

She was halfway into the room when Zachary held up the phone. Yep, it was hers.

Which is another good reason not to turn in cell phones to the office. Students usually come looking for them.


  1. Well it was interesting to watch unfold at least.

  2. Heh. Don't let Zachary and Jamal leave. It reminds me that when I was in high school, the only time I went to the bathroom was to go and hang out with someone.

  3. Funny, when I was in school, if I didn't want to go to a class, I just skipped it altogether, I never thought of using an excuse to leave and then just waste time. Of course my high school was pretty small so wandering teenagers were sure to be noticed. I suppose that's an advantage of a big school. Isn't school over for you yet?

  4. At least it really was someone else's phone. I figured the whole thing was a lie.

    1. I hadn't considered that. Yep, it was a plausible lie. Especially when he wouldn't let me take the thing to the office.

  5. At least someone actually had lost it. I'm like Theresa, I figured it was just an excuse to leave class.

    1. Funny, because at the time I hadn't considered that.


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