Monday, June 24, 2013

School Year End Review

The last day of school was June 18th. Which means that it's time for my annual end of year review. I started doing these a couple years ago when another blogger posted his stats for the year. (To recap: 2012. 2011. 2010.)

There were 178 school days. I worked 127 of them. This is way up from each of the previous listed years.

I did not work the first nor the last day of school. (Some years I do.) Of those days, 15 were in classes that did not have a prep period. (I'm pretty sure half of those were for the same math teacher who I covered several times this year.) And 27 of those days I covered another class on the prep period.

I spent one day in an elementary class (the less said about that the better). 52 days were in high school classes, 30 days were in middle school classes, and 44 days were at the continuation high school. This is another surprising number--I was sure I spent way more time at the continuation high school than anywhere else.

Some specifics:
  • Science: 33 days
    • 5 days of physics (up from last year)
    • 11 days with the 8th graders
    • 6 days in health (5 of those for the same teacher)
  • Math: 31 days
  • English: 13 days
    • 5 of those continuation high school English
  • Social Studies: 29 days
    • 13 days of US history (several of those for the same teacher. She's never absent. This year was an aberration.)
    • 9 days of geography (most of those at the continuation high school)
  • Reentry: 9 days (this is because they added another reentry teacher, and she was having medical issues this year)
I did not cover a full day of special ed, but I did cover one period on my prep period on 7 different days. I covered 5 days of art, one day of band (Woot! Only one day!), two days in computer classes, and one day of Spanish. I had no opportunity days (a great big WOOT!), but I did get to cover a new leadership class seven different times.

What's great about these posts is I can go back and compare to previous years. And this year was wildly different. In a good way. 


  1. You certainly must be versatile to be substitute teacher! I would be a nervous wreck! And that, my friends, is why I am not a teacher, PERIOD!

    Good for you for being able to adjust to whatever comes your way!

  2. Band... LOL. That would be my favorite too. I have to wonder if there's a subject subs are call for most across the board. (You know, one subject teachers are always trying to get out of?) ;) Goodness, that would be a fun research project for my oldest...

  3. I guess it just feels like you spend so much time at the continuation high school. You certainly seemed to have a lot of stories from there. :)


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