Thursday, June 6, 2013

Magic Lost

Last week, JEFritz made a very good point in response to my what if.

What if magic was possible in our world--has been possible all along? What if the only thing keeping us from doing all those things depicted in books or pictured in movies is our belief that magic is not possible?
Her response:
Hm, makes me wonder how to believe enough to make it work. If I tested it by jumping out a plane, just to make things serious, but there's a tiny bit of doubt that holds me back (which it totally would, I'm such a skeptic) and I'm smashed to jam on impact. I probably shouldn't test it that way.
So, let's take it a step further. Suppose magic is possible in our world, but we've been conditioned to not believe. How would we regain that belief?

What if you were trying to regain lost magic? How would you go about reacquiring it? Could it be relearned, or is it lost forever? 


  1. I think these kinds of questions go along the same vein as "What is reality exactly?"

    BTW, have you been watching the new season of "Through the Wormhole?" Fascinating stuff.

  2. I got mentioned :)

    "Seeing is believing" tends to work well for most people. But first there would have to be one person with a wild enough imagination to believe in it. Which sounds like something a writer could do.

  3. I like JEFritz answer to that. Go writers! This actually made me think of Talia and her group of new mages. She's going in search for ways to teach about magic, but she learned by instinct and trial and error.

    I think that's how we would have to learn. Feel it deep inside and follow our instincts until we understand and learn control. could be really messy for a while. Hope we survive!

  4. I think magic only works if you believe first, ie, you have to believe it to see it.

  5. Much is not observable but that doesn't mean that it is not there. Nothing is ever 'lost' .. energy may transform into something else but it is never 'lost'.
    But my question is, what do you mean by magic? Magic tricks? I don't think so. Invoking the supernatural in order to bring about desired outcome? Using our own powers in ways that have never been used? If this is sort of what you mean then we will indeed be surprised at to how we have been blinded by illusion and that reality is far more powerful than we gave credit for. Look INSIDE not outside ...


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