Friday, June 14, 2013


7th graders on a Friday? Yeah, I wasn't looking forward to this particular assignment. But I was pleasantly surprised.

That's not to say that they were one of the best classes I've ever had. Not even close. But they weren't too loud, they were sort of on task, and I didn't really have to do battle with them. Considering the time of year, these were all good things.

So, I spent the day making sure they knew I was watching them.

"They're throwing things at us."

The class was divided into tables. This table of boys pointed to the table of girls that was next to them. The girls were all on task. By that, I mean that they had the assignment out, their books were open, and I could see progress being made on their final exam study guide.

The boys, however, barely had the paper that I had passed out to them out.

Hmmm. Girls who are obviously working throwing things at boys who aren't. Or boys goofing off. Tough one, that.

I gave the boys my most dubious look.

"You actually believe that they're working?" the boys asked.

I stood by both tables for a while. The girls continued to work, ignoring the boys. The boys continued to complain. And even while I stood over them, they didn't get their work out.

Yes, boys, I do believe the girls were working. And no, I'm not going to tell them to not throw things at you. Since clearly they aren't.


  1. I've actually heard it's better to separate boys and girls in the classroom, that boys learn differently and focus better when on their own.

  2. They were sort of on task... <---hahahaha!

    In my school, the boys and girls were usually separated. Once in a while, we had to combine two groups into one, but it never lasted long because they really did do better when on their own.

  3. At this time of the year I'd say you're lucky to get any work out of them.

  4. Gee, seventh graders trying to deflect blame onto others? I've never heard of that before.

  5. Ah, yes...boys will be boys. The girls were throwing things at them....dirty looks!

  6. My daughter just finished 7th grade, and I can totally see this happening.


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