Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Sunshine Award

...has been passed on to me by Sharon Himsl (just in time for June gloom, although we've been decidedly less overcast this year). Thanks, Sharon.

The rules (these things always have rules) are:
  • Feature a picture of the award on a blog post.
  • Answer 10 random questions about yourself.
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers. Be sure to link to their blogs and let them know.
The questions:
1. What inspired you to start blogging? 
Inspired? I don't know about inspired. When I found out blogging was a thing, I knew I would have one. It was the closest thing to writing a weekly newspaper column that I could do since I'm not a journalist.
2. How did you come up with the name of your blog?  
It's kind of a long story that I've already written on my About Me page. (Now that I look at the page, I see it's time to do some updating. But the blog name stuff is still accurate.)  
3. What is your favorite blog to read?  
I have to name one? Well, if I need a good laugh, I can be assured of one at The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks
4. Tell us about your dream job.  
Still figuring that one out. I'll get back to you...
5. Is your glass half-full or half-empty?
Half-full, I hope.
6. If you could go anywhere for a week's vacation, where would you go?  
At the moment, I'd love to go to Vegas. Or maybe just a drive up the coast. Well, anywhere away would be ideal...
7. What food can you positively not eat?  
One food? I'm such a picky eater that this is a pretty large list. But if I'm going to go for one, anything containing caffeine. Yep, that means coffee. And soda. Unless I really, really want a massive headache...
8. Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?  
Milk chocolate 
9. How much time do you spend blogging?  
The sitting and typing part--maybe an hour for the week. Tops. But I spend a lot of time planning away from the computer before I sit down and do the actual typing part.
10. Do you watch TV, and if so, what are your favorite shows? 
Um, yeah, I watch a little TV.
Favorites? Yikes. I can't wait for fall for Once Upon a Time, The Good Wife, Vampire Diaries, and Arrow to come back. Orphan Black and Defiance I'm enjoying. I'm looking forward to the imminent start of Burn Notice and The Glades. And there are about a dozen others that escape my memory at the moment.
Don't get me started talking about TV. I won't stop.

As for passing the award on, I'm giving it to you. Yes, you reading this. Unless you've been awarded it already.  


  1. I've never watched Orphan Black. Is it one you recommend?

  2. I like your answer to how you started blogging LOL.

  3. Nice to see some sunshine. It's raining here!

    Congrats on your award. You've been blogging longer than anyone I know.

    1. Rain? Oh, I want rain...

      Yikes, longer than anyone you know? I guess I should think about getting out then. You think?


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