Monday, May 27, 2013

Makeup for the Arms

"Are you crying?"

I sat in the front of the room, my hands covering my nose and mouth. My shoulders shook. Interesting how that's where her mind automatically went.

"No. I'm laughing."

I indicated the group on the other side of the aisle.

What drew my attention was a strange statement: "You put on makeup every day and wash it off every night. Your parents must be shocked!"

Note: This was a high school class. Mostly juniors and seniors. So, girls wearing makeup--kinda normal.

After about a minute of my attention, I got the gist of the conversation.

The boy was planning on writing on his arms. In his mind: washable markers=makeup. The girls disagreed.

And I thought the whole conversation ridiculous. Or totally brilliant.

What some students do rather than the assignment...


  1. LOL. The things these kids come up with...

    1. They write on themselves all the time. This was the first time a student tried to justify it.

  2. Some things are so important, they have to figure them out rather than do some stupid assignment.

    Also, I'm with the girls on this.

  3. Or what some boys will do to get the attention of a group of girls :)

  4. That makeup argument sounds like something The Boy might have come up with.

    1. Must be a boy thing. Or perhaps The Boy and this boy would get along famously.


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