Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Not an A Student

It's standardized testing time.

This makes for kind of a long day. They had a three hour and fifteen minute testing block followed by three full period classes. By the end of the day they're kind of wiped out.

This day's assignment was a simple read-the-article-and-answer-questions in an environmental science class. I explained the assignment, passed out the article, and looked around for trouble.

One student wasn't even making a pretense of doing anything. When I asked him, he explained that he was tired. I understood. I explained that it was an easy points assignment, and that if he needed help, I was available.

"I don't need the points. I have an A- in this class."

A girl sitting right in front of me snorted. The boy didn't notice. The girl told me that the only As in the class belonged to her and the two students who sat around her--the only three who ever did any work in the class. Apparently, Mr. A- never did any work. Ever.

This was not a surprise to me. A-students tend to not announce the fact. You can tell who they are by their work ethic. They're working.

Mr. A- looked familiar to me. Not in a good way. But I think it's about time I learn his name. I have a feeling I'll be seeing a lot more of him. At the continuation high school. In the near future.


  1. It's a shame these kids don't realize they're only hurting their own future by not making an effort. I mean seriously, does he really want to work at McDonald's and be living with his mom for the rest of his life?

  2. This is a very sad tale. You wonder why these kids even show up, because they obviously aren’t really showing up at all.
    And you are right, hopefully someday, he will get his act together, and have take an alternate route.

  3. Some people just don't realize the opportunities they have until it's too late. That plus really hating science class means they don't do any work.

  4. Work ethic/importance of learning often is learned at home (not always but most of the time). I would think it's hard for a student to step up if it's just not valued (or hasn't been) at home- this is our experience with the child we are working with. It's a sad battle when a young person's future is at stake.

    1. Yes, that's so true. If the parents (or guardians) don't care whether or not the student keeps his/her grades up, the student won't care whether or not he/she does the work.


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