Thursday, May 2, 2013

Devil in the Details

This was originally going to be my question for April 4th, but then I got a brainstorm to use something else. But now that April is over, I'm back to scrambling for "what ifs" so here it goes...

It's a popular trope in a certain sort of fiction. The deal with the devil. You sell your soul for some prize. A publishing contract. The love of your crush. Wealth. Success.

In the end, you lose, of course. The devil gets you. Somehow. But what does the devil get out of this?

What if the devil has a quota of deals he has to close? What if he meets that quota? What if he doesn't?  


  1. That would be interesting if the devil has a quota. I wonder who his boss is.

  2. Have you ever heard of the Hulu show The Booth at the End? It deals with similar questions about what would happen to the devil making the deals.

  3. If he meets the quota, he obviously gets something for it. Some companies give out bonuses or trips, others might fire those who don't meet expectations. God is all forgiving, so he might be one of the former. Unless the devil answers to the super devil or something.


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