Monday, May 20, 2013

My Shameful Addiction

I don't lose things usually. I get the same number of socks from my dryer as I put in. I replace pens when they run out of ink. I always know where my car keys are.

Last Monday they forecast temperatures in the 90s, so I pulled out my capris. Briefly, I thought I should put my lip balm in my little lip balm clip
Shameless product plug: You can buy one of these from me...
but ultimately decided against. It's not like I'd lose it.

Am I the only one with a lip balm addiction?

I'm sure by now you know where I'm going with this. I got into the classroom, and after checking the lesson plan I checked my pockets (nervous habit). The pocket which should have held my lip balm was empty.

Oh, the horror!

The classroom was at the back of campus. The lip balm could have fallen out of my pocket just about anywhere. I retraced some of my steps, but first period was just about to start and it was already getting hot.

I suffered through the day. (At least the air conditioning worked. And worked well.) Checked out with the office. Got back to my car...and there was my lip balm on the ground just outside my driver's side door.

Found it!

My nearly perfect record (there was that time I lost my wallet) remains intact.


  1. I am with you on the lip balm! I have far too many bad memories of dry, chapped lips when I was in school to ever allow me to leave the house without lip balm. It's in my purse, in my jacket, and in my car - and I love that little holder with the clip!

  2. Oh man! I didn't used to lose things all the time. Until kids. Now I lose everything--although I'm not sure if I can blame it on mommy brain, or the extra pairs of hands inhabiting my home.

    1. Blame it on the kids. It must be their fault.

  3. I also have a lip balm addiction. I have about five or six floating around the house. I help it increases my odds of being able to find one of them.

  4. I don't have a lip balm addiction, but I have been in situations where my lips were drying up and I didn't have any and it was AWFUL. I even once used the cork grease from my oboe in a desperate situation. (It worked fine.)

  5. I think lip balm is made to give you an addiction.

  6. The lesson here is that the lip balm clip must never be left behind again :).

    I can't believe it's the nineties out there. We just broke the seventies this week.


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