Friday, February 22, 2013

Newfangled Notes

It was the third time I'd covered for the AP US history teacher this year (since January). And a couple of those times I was the sub on the second day of her absence. This is unlike her. I hope she gets better soon.

This time, the class was supposed to prepare for a test the next day. They were a bit bewildered. They hadn't gotten the official notes on these two chapters.

As the absence had been unexpected, papers were strewn about the teacher's desk. A student noticed one of these--the Power Point slides for the current chapters. The chapters on the test.

"Can I take my phone out and take pictures of these?"

I've gotten such requests before. In most cases, the students should just copy the notes. But this time I had no projector or computer, and I wasn't about to write all those notes on the board (there were a lot).

In next to no time, the rest of the class got wind of the found notes. And many wanted pictures. But photo sharing is easy, right?

Turns out, the class has a Facebook page. So, the one student shared those photos to the page. Now everyone had access, or at least everyone who had a Facebook.

Technology. Ain't it grand?

(I also noticed the test on the teacher's desk. That I hid away before anyone got wind that it was there. Pics of notes is one thing. Pics of test--not happening on my watch.)


  1. Wow. That really is newfangled. It's great when the power of technology can used for good.

    And good call on hiding the test... although, I bet a pic of that would've made you the most popular sub ever!

  2. Sometimes technology saves you when things go awry instead of just causing problems :)

  3. WOW! I'm impressed! I am impressed that kids cared enough to want the notes! I am impressed that they found a way to get them. Must be my town, my school, but not many kids would ask for notes!

  4. That's pretty cool--sounds like the solution was easy once the right tools were found.


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