Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I'm In

I went and done it. I signed up for...

I sat back and watched it last year. My reasons for not jumping in... Well, I'm not much of a joiner, really. But it seems like everyone did it last year, and I spent all of April thinking, "What would I post today if I was doing the A to Z challenge?"

Last May, I started a plan. I set that plan aside and got on with the year. Then when January hit, I went looking for that plan... (I hid it from myself really well. I put it in the most obvious spot, but it took me 20 minutes of tearing everything apart before I remembered I left it in that obvious spot.)

Anyway, I dusted the plan off, and I thought, "Why not?"

Basically, nothing too unusual is going to happen around here. I'm going to go for business as usual, only using the correct letter for the day. Somehow, I'm going to keep up with my Thursday "What Ifs?" And I'll have to figure out what to do on Saturdays.

I'm number 525 on the list. (Yikes, everyone is doing it.) Are you?


  1. *high five* for us late joiners. This will be my first year too. It'll be fun...right??

    It's I, X, Y, and Z that have me concerned.

  2. Congratulations. You should write about knitting. "A" is for "A project I started..." "B" is for "Beads I love to use..." etc.

  3. I'm not joining in, but I'll look forward to your posts. It'll be cool to see what plan you came up with.

  4. I did it last year but it got to be too much like work for me. I post something almost every day but then when you tell me I have to do it, it's like a job. So it was fun but I got tired of it.

    I'll try to get to your blog every day.

    1. You don't have to. I'm sure there will be some letters that'll give me fits. Although, I already have plans for X and Z.


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