Tuesday, February 26, 2013

No Right Answer

"Do you work here?"

I don't understand the question. This is a problem, because it comes up. A lot.

I work for the district. They contract me to fill in for a teacher for the day. Do I work for the particular school? Well, on any day: yes. Generally: no. I go where I'm sent.

Every time I get the question, I hesitate. How am I supposed to answer?

This time, the student clarified a bit. Enough so that I could clarify:

"If I had other duties, I would not be free to cover all of Mrs. N's classes today."

I said this straight--no sarcasm implied or intended. It was as honest an answer as I could give.

And the student was offended.

I wasn't making fun of her. I swear. But she took it as such.


Perhaps I should just ignore the question?


  1. Or how about. "Yup, I'm working here today. How can I help you?" or, alternatively, ignore the question....

  2. I think she just didn't get the answer and assumed it was an insult or something. Kids are confusing. Well, people in general are confusing.


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