Friday, February 8, 2013

A Student's Worst Nightmare

"Can I print something on the computer?"

Last day of the semester. Minimum day. Seniors. Nothing on the agenda. I didn't see why the student couldn't print out her assignment for another class, so I allowed it.

It was taking too long. For some reason, the girl's assignment wouldn't come up. When it finally did, the girl learned the awful truth. While she had done the assignment, she hadn't saved it to her flash drive. Her completed assignment was at home.

I went into problem solving mode:
  • Was someone at her home? Yes, her mother.
  • Could her mother email her the completed assignment? No. No Internet access at home.
  • Could her mother print out the assignment and bring it to her? No. No printer at home (which is why she needed to print it out at school).
The girl was practically in tears. She had half the assignment on her flash drive, and it was due the next period.  

There was no help for it. She just had to redo it.  

I gave her permission to sit in the next class and finish it. It wasn't like she'd be disrupting anything. It took her about a half hour. Then she went to print...and it wouldn't print. Sigh. 

(For some reason, you can't print from various computers if you have the wrong log in. My sub log in rarely lets me print, but the student log ins usually work, so I was stumped as to why it wouldn't let her print it then.)  

Ah well, she could print it out in the library.  

Technology. It creates as many problems as it solves.  


  1. :( Poor girl. It sucks when you forget something important like that. It reminds me of the BBT episode where Sheldon is on the train and he forgot his flash drive.

  2. What a pain. All this technology and we can't make it work when it's supposed to.

  3. Technology is handy . . . but when it goes wrong, it throws everything off.


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