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EOS Egg Lip Balm Holder


It's just a little something to hold your EOS lip balms so you can attach it to your purse or bag or whatever (so the thing doesn't get lost).

It's crocheted in a spiral starting from the base. It's worked up similarly to amigurumi and finished off with a hook that's attached in the penultimate round.

eReader Pyramid Pillow Prop


It’s a pillow sized to prop up an ereader or mini tablet.

First the base is knit in garter stitch. Then stitches are picked up around that triangle, and the piece is worked in the round from the base to the tip, decreasing all the way up. At the end, a lip with bobbles is knit so that the ereader remains upright next to the pillow.

The final pillow measures about 7 inches tall.

Worsted weight yarn and a size 8 double pointed needles were used. Also, stuffing for the pillow is needed.

This was my rough draft of the pattern. The $2 pattern (see below) is more finished with a better base, better corners, and sized up and down for full-sized tablets and smartphones.

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Water Bottle Carrier


This is a general crochet pattern for a simple water bottle carrier. While the pattern instructions are for one size, changing the size is as easy as adding or eliminating rows.

This is worked starting at the bottom, working a base, and then starting a mesh pattern up the side of the bottle. The pattern finishes with a strap which is sewn to the other side of the carrier.

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Festive Wine Bottle Cozy

Knit and Crochet

Just a little something to wrap up a bottle of wine. 

The base of this is crocheted, and then stitches are picked up around the base and knit upwards. It's a simple eyelet pattern where the yarn is doing most of the work.

Peace Patch


This is a pattern to crochet a small patch with a peace sign on it. It is made using double crochets formed into a circle, and then the peace sign is crocheted over the top.

This was made using worsted weight yarn (scraps, as not much yarn is needed), but any weight yarn could be used. The difference will be in the finished dimensions.

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Bun Holder

Knit with crochet border

This is a little thing to keep up your hair. It’s a bit tricky, but once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to pull your hair into a secure bun in next to no time. It’s perfect for those hot summer days when you don't want to fuss with a ponytail.

This is a simple almost-rectangle with a one-hole buttonhole in the center. Then wire is attached to the outside. This was reverse engineered from a non-knit bun holder, but the knit fabric makes the piece a lot more fun.

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Tablet Buddy: $2.00



It's a pillow specifically knit to hold a full-sized tablet, a mini-tablet or ereader, or a smartphone. 

I had this idea kicking around in my head for a while—a knitted pillow to prop up my ereader so I wouldn’t have to hold onto it while I read in bed. Over the course of two (or so) years, I contemplated how exactly would be the best way to pull it off. It would need something to keep the ereader from sliding. It would have to be big enough to keep it upright without having to lean it against anything else. It would have to be easy to knit.

For some reason, a pyramid shape got stuck in my head. A few calculations (remembering high school geometry), and I figured out the formula I’d need to get the thing to be about the right size. 
Two (well, more) years in my head, and the prototype was finished in a weekend.

Once I had the basic shape down, I knew it needed a few more tweaks to make it fun. A little cable along the edges. A construction that left barely any finishing (I consider weaving in ends finishing). And I couldn’t limit it to ereader size. So, this can be sized up to work for a full size tablet or sized down to work for a smart phone.

It works great at propping up knitting patterns, too.

The bottom of the pyramid is worked first, starting from the outside and working in. Then stitches are picked up, and the pyramid shape is built up. The pillow is stuffed as the piece is knit, so when the top is tied off, the whole thing is finished.

Knitted Beach Sandals: $2.00

Knit with crochet straps

When I first saw the so-called beach or barefoot sandals, I looked for a pattern to knit them. All I could find were crochet patterns, so I decided to create a knit pattern myself.

These soleless sandals are cast on at the widest point and decreased down to one stitch, creating a triangle 3 inches wide and 5 1/2 inches tall (approximately). Then a loop for the second toe is created using the crochet chain stitch. The straps to wrap the sandal around the ankle are also created using the crochet chain stitch.

A pair can be knit in an evening.

Smart Phone Cabled Cozy: $2.00

Knit with crochet border

This pattern is started at the flap and knit in a straight piece to the end. Then it is folded over and sewn with an I-cord sandwiched in between. It is edged in single crochet and reverse single crochet, and it is kept closed with one small button.

In the pattern I specify use of a crochet cast-on and increases by knitting or purling into the front and back of the stitch. While I prefer the look of these, the cast-on and stitch increase choices aren't that critical to the final look of the cozy.

The stitch pattern is given in chart form. A key to the chart is provided, but familiarity with cabling will be very helpful in completing this project.

eReader Cabled Cozy: $2.00

Knit with crochet border

This pattern fits all the new mini tablets that are now on the market (such as the iPad Mini, the Nook HD and HD+, the Kindle Fire, the Kindle Fire HD, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and the Google Nexus 7).

This starts at the flap, working flat. Then the remainder of the stitches are cast on and the rest of the cozy is worked in the round. The pattern calls for double pointed needles as that’s how I prefer to work in the round, but it will just as easily work using circular needles.

Techniques used in the pattern include a crochet cast on, cabling, crochet edging (single crochet and reverse single crochet), 3-needle bind off, and I-cord. Increases are done by knitting into the front and back of the stitch.

The cable pattern is given in chart form. Familiarity with cabling will be very helpful in completing the project.

A Sip of the Wild Side: $5.00


This pattern will make either the smaller demi cozy that will cover the bottom of a coffee cup or a larger tote-style bag for a water bottle. Or you could make one of each.

The pattern starts at the bottom, first making the base and then working up and around the body of the cozy. The crocodile stitch gives the piece a scaly appearance. Then there is a choice of strap--either a long strap with which to carry the cozy over a shoulder or a short strap that will fit over a thumb or finger.

The yarn used in the demonstration photos was Loops & Threads Impeccable, but any worsted weight yarn will work nicely. A full skein won't be needed, and the demi cozy can be completed with odds and ends.

The pattern is written for a bottle in the 20 oz range or a coffee cup with a 3 inch diameter at the base. However, the crochet gives a little, and with a change in hook size or yarn size, it can easily be made a bit larger or smaller as needed. The instructions for fit are in with the instructions for gauge and the making of the base.

The pattern is written out and illustrated with photos. It's a great tutorial if you've never done the crocodile stitch before as it's shown step by step. The final file ends up at 24 pages.