Monday, September 10, 2012

No Good Reason

On Friday I scanned the blogs on my Reader as I try to do once a day. I stop and comment on a few, but the vast majority get a cursory glance before I move on. Catherine Ensley's Words World and Wings had a list of links, and the last one said Homemade Oreos.

Homemade Oreos? I followed that link.

As I read through the recipe I noted that I had most of those ingredients. It didn't seem beyond my capabilities. Next thing I knew, I was in the kitchen going through the baking drawer in my pantry, checking to see if I did have everything.

I was a bit low on unsweetened cocoa powder (yes, I keep that on hand in case I want to make chocolate ice cream), so I needed to measure it to see if there was enough. And that started me measuring out all the ingredients into one bowl.

One thing I don't keep on hand: unsalted butter. But I had salted butter. Not the most brilliant of plans, but I was now committed.

Less than an hour later...

I ended up with about two dozen. I used up the rest of the cocoa powder, vanilla, and sugar (stuff I keep on hand, so I need to put those on my grocery list). And while they don't taste exactly like Oreos, they do taste similar. 

I don't normally jump in and bake just because I see a recipe that I can make. I usually plan and plot and look for the right time to try these things. But I was bored.  

See what trouble I get up to when I'm bored? What sorts of things do you do when you're bored?  


  1. Mmm... Pass some of those this way, eh?

    Bored? What is that? I have a funny feeling I won't experience said sensation until I'm old and retired. Of course, when I don't have any demands threatening to cave in my sanity, I find myself buried in a book, playing piano, or writing. Especially writing. *sigh* I need some of that "boredom". Can anyone spare some?

    1. I don't usually get bored either (although I think I was more antsy and anxious than bored). And from what I hear, those that are retired find ways to keep themselves busy.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Whenever you are bored, call me! I'll "let" you watch the kids so I can have some ME time! ;-) those look too yummy!

  3. When I am bored, I tend to read or draw. I like drawing and working on pictures.

  4. Sounds like someone was really in the mood for Oreos! These look delicious. When I'm bored, I go online.

  5. I haven't been bored in years.

    But that's because I do the kinds of things you're doing here before I get bored.

    My mouth started watering when I saw your pictures. They look delicious. So you can knit and cook and make homemade ice cream: You will be a popular person after the apocalypse. Put in a good word for me to the Survivors' Council, please.

    1. Useful skills for after the apocalypse is a popular topic over on Ravelry. Although, many of them are way more accomplished than me. I only hope I have enough skills to be considered useful.

  6. I haven't been bored since I started writing. There's always a plot problem to muse over or an imaginary conversation to attend to if nothing else. Those cookies look SO good, by the way...

    I'm a new follower to your blog! Nice to meet you!

    ~The Feather and the Rose~

    1. Nice to meet you, too.

      At the moment my novel is giving me fits. That was one of the reasons I was all out of sorts. My mind had nowhere to go.

  7. I usually try picking up a book or browsing the internet if I'm feeling bored. Which isn't a mood I'm often in, but it happens occasionally.


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