Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Got Your Back

Government. Seniors. They filed in, took their seats, and waited for the bell to ring.

A girl seated in the middle of the room looked over her shoulder at the three boys seated behind her.

"I don't like this."

I didn't set the seating chart. It's the third week of school, so these sorts of things should have already been worked out. But we had a moment, so I asked.

"Do you normally sit in the back of the room?"

Student: "No. But I don't trust them."

Um, okay. I didn't see a problem. It's not like they were going to attempt anything. Besides, I was at the front of the room, and I could see exactly what those boys were up to. If they tried anything, I would catch them.

So, I told the girl I'd keep an eye out. She'd be safe.

"Thanks. I've got your back, too."

That's nice to know.

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  1. Kind of a weird exchange. I wonder what she was so worried about.


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