Monday, September 3, 2012

Halloween Is Coming

I'm ignoring the fact that today is Labor Day. But as now it's September, I can start thinking about Halloween.

Too early? You haven't been in any craft stores then. The craft stores have their Christmas stuff up. (I started my Christmas knitting in January.)

I don't usually decorate. But since I got on Pinterest, I've seen all sorts of interesting ideas that I might just have to try...

Puff painted pumpkins.

Spiderman jack-o-lantern.

Milk carton ghosts.

Spooky eyes in the bushes.

And I could even crochet a witch's hat and/or a mask.

Got any Halloween plans yet?


  1. It always amazes me how far ahead the stores are on holiday stuff.

    Haven't got much in the way of plans, really . . . we're not that big on Halloween.

  2. My craft store has Christmas stuff, too! It's not in the front yet, but kind of off to the side, in a secondary position.

    I'm pretty tiny, so maybe I'll put a mask on and go tricker treating. As long as my face is covered, I can claim I'm a tall sixth grader. ;)


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