Friday, May 18, 2012

Sort of Sorry

On any given day I take down all sorts of notes. Ideas. Things I'll tweet when I get Twitter access. Blog posts. World building. After a while, I have sheets and sheets of random stuff.  

I finally got around to going through one of these stacks, and I found these two letters of apology from students. They had been posted on the wall of a classroom, and as I had time (as the class was watching a video), I copied them. I figured I could use them as my blog post for that day until something more interesting happened. I filed the page away with my other notes.

As I have nothing interesting to post about today, I thought I'd (finally) share these. I've left off identifying names, but otherwise I copied the things word for word. Spelling, word choice, and punctuation are all theirs.
Hey Ms. A. I just wanna say sorry for every thing I put you through. Even tho I didnt throw anything I felt like you always blame me. I hope we can be cool again like we used to be before like when school started. You know I love you :D lmfno
From Your Student...
This next one I love for the P.S.S.
Dear Mrs. A.
Im sorry for being a complete excuse my language butthole. Cause a pretty woman like you should not be stressed out with horrible student's like I was. Now I have changed, Im going finally become the one thing I wanna be a supersmodel. But yes I am sorry Mrs. A you are awesome and pretty. And promise not to be mean anymore.
P.S.: Im sorry :)
P.S.S.: Can I have some blueberry pancakes?
I was actually kind of impressed with the grammar in these. While not perfect, I've seen such letters that are much worse. And even though these were handwritten, the emoticons were written in as they would have been typed.

By the way, does anyone know what lmfno stands for?  


  1. Replies
    1. Hah! I clicked over from google to see what it meant. I'm not surprised that you knew. ;) Way to be helpful!

    2. Yay, I'm glad somebody knew what it meant! haha

    3. I'm kind of sorry I asked.

  2. I wonder what the point is of using emoticons in written text.

    And I was also wondering what lmfno meant--glad Michael cleared that one up. :P I was a bit wary of Googling it.

  3. I was wondering that myself, trying all sorts of things, and then I see Micheal cleared that right up. HAHAHAHA. Not one I need to know I guess. hee hee.

    I have an award for you over at my place if you wanna play.

  4. I hopped over because of Tanya's award. :) I'm loving the student anecdotes.

  5. Fun letters, and nice they apologized and vowed to do better. :) And I had guessed, but Michael confirmed my guess as to the new (?) acronym.


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